About us
I started out 8 years ago with the purchase of the Lodge, and I haven't look back nor have I had time too. We are located in the center of West Dover Vermont, a quaint  town in Southern Vermont. Our 6 acres are covered with plush lawns and flowers all season long. We have an outdoor in ground pool which is nice to come back to after a long hike or bike. We offer 16 rooms for your lodging needs and can accommodate your sleeping needs with a variety of beds to interchange. We are constantly up grading and redoing parts of the lodge, so if things look different from visit to visit that's why. We had an intervention 3 years ago from Hotel Hell and yes Gordon Ramsay. Well that ended up on a great note. I am forever in debt to Gordon and his team.
As for our food we are 84% local Farm to Table and we only cook for our Lodge guest and their friends. Our offerings are true to the area and are constructed with love and passion, not to mention with some of the best farm food available. All organic and line caught proteins. We pride ourselves on quality not quantity. We hope you decide to stay with us for a spell, regards Sandy 

Layla's has been best described as your familys' vacation house without your family. Upon walking out of your car I am sure one of the dogs will greet you, and from there on your worries are gone. Come in relax and let us know how we can assist you. Our grounds are here for your exploring so please have a walk around, and enjoy the beauty here. Our motto here is just ask. So please if we can do anything to make your stay better then it already is let us know. Have fun and enjoy,regards Sandy
  1. Hunting and fishing guides
    Please give us a call we have some of the states best guides available for hire. Fish on and shot on game are words we live by in this discipline. So when you are looking for that special day we have you covered
  2. Frequent Visitors/ Multiple rooms
    Frequent Visitors/ Multiple rooms
    We have a program for the frequent visitor. We call it shares. Whether it's one weekend a month or everyone. We have a simple package that is affordable, and fits any style or needs.
  3. Outdoor Activities
    As the seasons change so do the outdoor activities. So from winter through the year we have packages to ensure your fun meter is off the charts. Please give us a call or email us with your request, and let us do the work so you can enjoy your trip
  4. Snow Mobile packages
    Ah yes nothing says winter like a ride on a sled. We at Layla's have an on going special. From Monday night to Thursday night 50% off retail on our rooms for those of us who like nope love to ride. A great deal for a great sport. The rooms do fill up so plan ahead please
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